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Did some more Colias collecting up in Brampton today.  This time at a different location.  The conditions were very nice again – about 17 deg. C with a south west breeze.  I collected over some open soccer fields this time. 

The exact location was at: 43.41.1305N 79.50.1018W. 

You can view it here on Google Earth.

These all went to Norbert Kondla.



Got out and did some late season net swinging today.  Went after Colias for Norbert and did very well.  These were all taken in about 1/2 hr in north Brampton, Ontario.   Full sun today and almost 20 deg C.  Slight wind out of the south west.   Very nice day!


 The area were these were taken is found at: 43.46.0459N 79.46.1129W.

You can see in on Google Earth here.

 These all went to Norbert Kondla.


It ended up being a warm day today, so we packed the family up and headed up to Caledon to do a bit of collecting.  Not much flying here – just been too cold.  I did end up getting a couple of butts.

1 Nymphalis antiopa (Mourning Cloak)

1 Polygonia comma ( Eastern Comma)

Both went to Norbert Kondla.

These were both caught in the parking lot at 43.50.0912N 80.01.2342W – here is a Google Earth image of where I was.

You can access this picture on Google Earth here.


052408 Night

Collecting again tonight at my mother-in-laws, near Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada.  See this post for a map of where I was.

Acronict dactylina  (Fingered Dagger)

Furcula modesta  (Modest Furcula)

Odontosia elegans  (Elegant Prominent)

Furcula occidentalis (Western Furcula)

Nedra ramosula  (Gray Half-Spot)

Agrontis volubilis  (Voluble Dart)

Biston betularia cognataria  (Pepper-and-Salt Geometer)

Euthyatira pudens  (Dogwood Thyatirid)

2 Colocasia propinquilinea  (Closebanded Yellowhorn)

2 Hyperaeschra georgica  (Georgian Prominent)

Eutrapela clemataria (Curve-toothed Geometer)

1 Pero hubneraria (Hubner’sPero)  the lighter coloured one of the two – brown in colour

1 Pero honestaria (Honest Pero)  darker one in photo – more of a dark grey

1 Phragmatobia assimilans (Large Ruby Tiger Moth)

Plagodis phlogosaria  (Straight-Lined Plagodis)

Cladara limitaria (Mottled Gray Carpet)

5 Melanchra adjuncta (Hitched Arches)

Cucullia intermedia (Intermediate Cucullia)

Paonias excaecatus (Blinded Sphinx)

These all went to Howard Grisham.


Went out for a little jaunt this afternoon – swung the net a couple of times…   This was in the back area behind my mother-in-laws house outside of Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada.  See here for a map of the area where I was…

List for this afternoon:

2 Glaucopsyche lydamus couperi (Silvery Blue)

1 Colias philodice (Clouded Sulphur)

These went to Norbert Kondla.

052308 Night

Fired up the genny tonight with my lights to see what might be flying…  This was at my mother-in-laws just outside of Smiths Falls, Ontario.  See this post for a map of where I was collecting.  Nice evening, good variety but not large numbers.

052308 Night1

052308 Night2

052308 Night3

List from tonight:

1 Laothoe juglandis (Walnut Sphinx)

1 Odontosia elegans (Elegant Prominent)

2 Deidamia inscripta (Lettered Sphinx)

1 Pero honestaria (Honest Pero)

1 Lophocampa maculata (Spotted Tussock Moth)

4 Agrotis volubilis (Voluble Dart)

5 Pheosia rimosa (Black-rimmed Prominent)

1 Cucullia intermedia (Dusky Hooded Owlet)

1 Hyppa xylinoides

2 Estigmene acrea (Salt Marsh Moth)

1 Lycia ursaria (Stout Spanworm Moth)

2 Drepana arcuata (Arched Hooktip)

These all went to Howard Grisham.

051708 Night

Fired up the generator again tonight to see what might be flying about. Again, the weather was way cool for much to be flying. Picked up a couple of fresh moths though.  This again was at my mother-in-laws, just outside of Smiths Falls, Ontario.  See here for a map of where I was.

051708 Nighrt

List from this Evening:

1 Smerinthus cerisyi (One-Eyed Sphinx)

2 Eutrapela clemataria (Curve-Toothed Geometer)

These went to Howard Grisham.


Did some country driving today to try to see what was flying. The sun was shining but the air temp was still a bit on the cool side. Maybe somewhere in the 60’s F. There was also a bit of a wind blowing which may have kept things down as well.

I stopped to collect 3 times. I listed the town as Carleton Place for all 3 but they were in various areas around Carleton Place. I’ve listed the GPS readings for all three.

1st stop: 45.06.917′ -76.03.762

Just a couple of things flying here:

1 Nymphalia antiopa (Mourning Cloak)

1 Celastrina ladon (Spring Azure)

051708 Cloak

2nd Stop of the Day. 45.04.047 -75.59.127

This was a swampy area with a lot of wind. There was stuff flying, but mostly close to the ground fighting the wind. Here are the species that I caught.

2 Phyciodes tharos tharos (Pearl Crescent)

1 Colias philodice philodice  (Clouded Sulphur)

2 Glaucopsyche lydamus couperi (Silvery Blue)

1 Erynnis icelus (Dreamy Duskywing) – The ID was helped as this area was swampy with plenty of Willow Trees all around.

051708 Day

The final stop for the day was at: 45.02.293′ -76.00.430′

It was just beginning to rain when I got to this spot.  I would like to have had more time to explore this area more.  I did take two butterflies here:

2 Pieris oleracea oleracea (Mustard White – spring form which has the veins marked in dark on the underside.)

Mustard Whites - spring form

All the bugs that I caught and kept here today went to Norbert Kondla.

051608 Night

Got to my mother-in-laws in Smith’s Falls, Ontario quite late tonight. After 11:00pm. Set up the lights quick, but did not hold out much hope as the temps were quite cool. Ended up pulling in a couple of moths in about the 45 mins I was out before heading to bed.

See post 083107 Night for a map of where I was.

List for this evening:

1 Drepana bilineata (Two-Lined Hooktip)

1 Pero honestaria (Honest Pero)

These will go to Howard Grisham.


Daytime collecting at the quarry north of Milton, Ontario.

43 33′ 1959 N  -79 58′ 3823 W

4 C. ladon – Norbert

1 N. antiopa – Norbert

2 Psychomorpha epimenis – went to Howard Grisham

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